b'NEWS MAKING STRIDESThirty Years of Surgeryat The Horder CentreBefore surgery was introduced to The Horder Centre in 1989, it had been a medical centre and residential home for those suffering from arthritis. The introduction of surgery was a new concept.Hip and knee replacement surgery had become firmly established in surgical practice by this time, but the ever increasing waiting time for both procedures in the NHS had become a national scandal. Patients were waiting two or three years for treatment, by which time their condition had deteriorated, pain had increased and many patients required more complex operations when surgery was eventually Charles Gallannaugh, Horder Healthcare carried out. President, carried out the first hip replacement In light of this challenging situation,operation at The Horder CentreCharles Gallannaugh, formerly a consultant orthopaedic surgeon in London and by nowCheal, remained in hospital for the conventional at Hastings, approached the management of10 days, a length of stay which has been The Horder Centre and the SE Thames Regionalmuch reduced in length over recent years. Health Authority to obtain support for a newAt this time, the procedure itself lasted for initiative to establish The Horder Centre as anapproximately 90 minutes, taking in to account independent unit for joint replacement surgery.anaesthetic and recovery time. In the first The independent charity would work alongsideyear The Horder Centre treated 242 patients, and in support of the NHS system to treat NHSand as the number of procedures increased, patients under contract, a concept which wasprocedures other than joint replacement, such as unconventional to say the least at that time andarthroscopy of the knee, were introduced from which remains so today. June 1990. A new outpatient unit and seminar The formal opening of the surgicalroom were opened on 20th October 1993 by department took place on 25th April 1990 byPrincess Margaret and on this occasion she the then President, Her Royal Highness Princessmet Mr Fred Mountford, the one thousandth Margaret Countess of Snowdon. However,patient to receive a joint replacement at The the first operation had taken place on 28thHorder Centre.September 1989 when Charles GallannaughBy 1996, many patients throughout the carried out the first hip replacement operationcountry who had undergone joint replacement in the new surgical unit.The patient, Mr Albertsurgery in the early years began to experience 6'