b'Issue no:29The most important components ofUse of an advanced anaesthetic technique the Enhanced Recovery Programme to optimise pain control after surgery. Local are as follows: anaesthetic is used to infiltrate the tissues soA comprehensive pre-operative meeting withthat the patient is not in pain immediately a Consultant that specialises in knee surgeryafter surgery.to help the patient understand the process.A co-ordinated post operative, earlyExcellent verbal and written information torehabilitation programme involving the ensure the patient is fully prepared surgeon, nurses, physiotherapists (usingOptimising the patients health and fitnessstate-of-the-art gym facilities available at prior to surgery i.e. nutritional state,The Horder Centre).exercise programme and minimising any The most important factor in the enhanced medicalconditions. recovery programme following a kneeUse of high flexion knee implantsresurfacing/replacement procedure is a duringsurgery. motivated patient who is keen to exerciseCare from an expert theatre team thattheir knee as this will achieve the best implant hundreds of knee replacementsoutcome following surgery.annually with excellent results.Mr Rajaratnam is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with Horder Healthcare. Please call 01892 620938 or visit horderhealthcare.co.uk for further information or to arrange a consultation. 19'