b'ORTHOPAEDICS MAKING STRIDESWhat Does A Knee Replacement Involve?By Consultant Orthopaedic SurgeonMr Sam RajaratnamFRCS (Tr&Orth)www.horderhealthcare.co.uk/news-healthy-living/what-does-a-knee-replacement-involve/Osteoarthritis of the knee is a very common causejoint replacement and start walking either on ofknee pain, the feeling of the knee giving waythe same night or the next morning following and swelling. surgery. Most patients are able to return home having been able to climb up and down a flight Whilst conservative treatment including painof stairs safely within a couple of days of their killers, steroid or cartilage protein injections andjoint replacement.It is very important that the physiotherapy can be helpful in the early stages,patient continues to exercise their knee after most people with osteoarthritis of the knee willdischarge home.eventually require knee replacement surgery. The Horder Centre is proud of achieving some of the best national What does knee replacementresults following knee replacement surgery involve? surgery each year, with extremely low Knee replacement surgery has advancedrates of complications.The overall patient tremendously over the last 30 years and is nowsatisfaction rate of a joint replacement with a one of the most successful operations performedrapid recovery programme is in the region of throughout the world. The National Joint Registry94%, with the majority of patients being able to recorded that 70,000 knee joint replacementwalk long distances, play golf, cycle, swim and procedures are performed in England annually.lead an active lifestyle and a life without pain.In years gone by, the replacement itself formedEnhanced recovery programmea hinge to the knee joint, but modern knee replacements are surface replacements only.As techniques and processes have They work by removing the arthritic surfacedeveloped, expert centres throughout the UK of the knee and capping it with an artificialhave seen improved results of the modern knee surface. It is custom fitted to the patientsreplacement through the Enhanced Recovery anatomy by an expert surgeon. Programme. The Horder Centre is a leader in Modern replacement design allows anenhanced recovery following knee replacement excellent range of motion once the patientsurgery and the best results are gained by has fully recovered. Generally, a low dosecareful surgery and a streamlined approach to spinal anaesthetic allows the patient to startthe pre and postoperative rehabilitation.moving their knee on the same day of the 18'