b'Issue no:29Secondary Glaucomaisprevent you from sufferingcurrent eye condition).the name given to any typefurther vision impairment. Routine checks are often of glaucoma where theresAs mentioned previously,quick and painless, usually an identifiable underlyingthe way your treatment willinvolving simple vision tests problem. For example,be assessed depends on theand measurements of your eye inflammation of the eye maytype of glaucoma you have.pressure. If your optician finds cause secondary glaucoma. The most common treatmentthat you may have developed options consist of eye drops,glaucoma symptoms they willWHAT CAUSES GLAUCOMA?laser treatment and surgery.refer you to an eye specialist. The most common causeThese treatments all help to: The specialist will take you is when pressure builds in Reduce the build-up ofthrough the various treatment the eye, meaning the fluidpressure in your eyes options available and ways surrounding your eye has Reduce fluid production inyou can prevent the condition trouble draining properly.your eyes from worsening.This means the pressure has And open blocked drainage WHEN TO CONTACT A DOCTOR nowhere to escape and thistubes to further reduce fluid will eventually damage thebuild-up in your eyes. We advise that if you are optic nerve that connects theIts strongly advised thatexperiencing any issues with eye to the brain, which in turn,if you have been diagnosedyour eyes, such as blurred causes impaired vision andwith glaucoma, regardless ofor deteriorating vision, you sometimes blindness. the severity of the condition,should visit your optician or The main problemyou seek regular eye checks toGP. However, having blurred surrounding glaucoma is thatensure youre doing everythingvision is not a direct sign it still remains unclear whatyou can to monitor and trackthat you have glaucoma, its causes the build in pressure.the progress of your treatment. simply a sign that youre due However, there are certain TESTING FOR GLAUCOMAfor acheck-upjust to ensure factors that may increase thethat there are no underlying risk, such as heritage, priorFortunately, glaucoma is aproblems. If you have medical conditions and age. condition that can be spottedexperienced a sudden loss Frequent eye tests willduring a routine eye check-up.of vision without any obvious ensure that youre kept upThis is why it is so important toexplanation, its strongly to date with the condition ofvisit your optician regularly.advised that you visit the your eyes and if a problemWe recommend visiting yournearest A&E department, or is found, treatment can beginoptician at least once a yeareye casualty unit.right away. (or more depending on yourTREATMENT: WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE GLAUCOMA Diagnosing glaucomaMr Ratnarajan is a Consultant early is very important, asOphthalmic Surgeon with The McIndoe its not currently possible toCentre. Please call 01342 488058 repair or reverse the visionor visit themcindoecentre.co.ukyouve already lost. However,for further information or to arrangetreatment is still an option aftera consultation. your diagnosis and it can 17'