b'Issue no:29How do you help prevent a venous blood clot occurring?By understanding the risks and taking the necessary precautions we can keep the chances of developing a venous blood clot to a minimum.We take some important steps to keep patients safe to avoid venous blood clots but there are also some simple steps that the patient can do as well.What can you do? When in hospital:If your hospital admission has been Keep moving or walking; leg planned, several weeks in advance: exercises are valuable. You will mostKeep a healthy weight and eat alikely be seen by a physiotherapist balanced diet. and be shown various leg exercises. Cut downor try to stop - smoking.Ask your doctor or nurse: WhatTalk to your doctor about youris being done to reduce my risk of contraceptive or hormonevenous blood clots?replacement tablets. Your doctor may Drink plenty of fluid to keep hydrated.consider stopping them in the weeks Ask your anaesthetist to consider before your operation. which type of anaesthesia is most appropriate for you.Please note you are at risk for at least 12 weeks after you have been discharged from hospital,so continue to follow the precautions outlined above during this time.15'