b'STOP THE CLOT MAKING STRIDESThe Horder Centregets walking for thrombosisThe Horder Centre participated in Nationalpeople every year in the UK and the condition Thrombosis Week by encouraging staff to getis the number one cause of preventable hospital their blood pumping for a team walk, to raisedeaths.awareness of the potentially deadly condition. Clinical Services Manager Faye Biggs said: Members of staff wore red to take part inIt was great to see the team coming together the fun event at the Crowborough hospital toto raise awareness of National Thrombosis highlight the importance of keeping active toWeek with the walk and by information within prevent blood clots. Patients and the public werethe hospital to make more people aware of also offered a wide range of information onthrombosis and what they can do to help thrombosis including symptoms and prevention. prevent any problems. As an Exemplar Centre, The national awareness event which iswe take our role seriously of bringing to public celebrated around the country every May,attention the major negative impact of this non-aims to help increase the understanding ofinfectious disease on global health.thrombosis. Also known as deep vein thrombosisThe Horder Centre currently holds Exemplar (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE) and venousstatus, which is awarded by the National VTE thromboembolism (VTE), thrombosis is thePrevention Programme, for its commitment to formation of potentially deadly blood clotssignificantly reduce the risk of venous blood which can form in the artery or vein. This veryclots occurring in patients.common condition affects more than 60,000 14'