b'Issue no:29QI have been told I have moderate Aerobic exercise (such as walking) is osteoarthritis in my left knee and for theimperative to maintain your overall fitness last six months it has hurt when I go on longof body systems such as heart, lungs, etc.walks. Would a knee support be useful to help meOther good forms of exercise for painful continue with my walking? weight bearing joints are cycling, swimming or aqua-aerobics.A Knee supports can offer some stability Supportive, well-cushioned footwear is ideal and increase your confidence.Thefor shock absorption and improving the guidelines for the management of knee arthritisposition of the foot, which reduces stress on suggest they can be useful in addition to otherthe joints. treatments, but there is nothing to suggest they Weight reduction and management are also are useful on their own.There are severalimportant factors. Increased weight puts factors that are more strongly supported in more stress through the joints, which may the management of arthritis, which are useful well increase the pain, particularly walking to know: up stairs and hills. It is really important in arthritis to strengthenFeel free to add knee guards to any or all of the the muscles around the joint, particularly intreatments above. Many people find they help weight bearing joints such as the knee andthem feel more supported, or make the knee feel hip, as well as to maintain overall fitness. warmer, and there is no harm in using one.Visit horderhealthcare.co.uk to find out more about our physiotherapy services or call 01892 665577 to book an appointment. Please email your physiotherapy questions to info@horder.co.uk13'